The programme is designed with the objective of improv- ing the performance of the executives through exchange of information in a workshop set-up. The workshops are facilitated by business ex- ecutives who have hands on experience and professionals from various backgrounds.

Training Areas:

  • Orientation programme for new board members;
  • Role of the Board in corporate strategy and risk
  • oversight;
  • Role of the Board in fraud prevention;
  • Audit Committee in the new era of Governance;
  • Internal audit management;
  • Value for money audits;
  • Fraud prevention, investigation and detection;
  • Internal audit effectiveness;
  • Business development;
  • Enterprenual Skills
  • Balance Scorecard as a tool to performance management;
  • Pre-employment vetting;
  • 360 degree feedback;
  • Enterprise Risk Management;
  • IFRS and IPSAS training